A Unique, Sensible, Flat-Fee Pricing Model

$4,800 per client relationship

Flat-Fee Model for Planning, Investment Advice, and Retirement Guidance

A Flat Fee Retainer Model is something that is NOT COMMON in the financial services industry.  It came about from the discomfort I had about the typical percentage-based compensation model the industry uses, and my personal disdain for the way that the industry has dug it’s hand into the pockets of hard-working investors like you.

First the good news:

  • Over the past decade or so, the industry of financial advice has moved away from transaction-oriented commission only compensation to the promotion of asset-based fees. This has come about  in response to inquiries about whether or not the advice in that transaction-only model was in the best interest of the client. (I support those inquiries!)  At face value, this shift is a good thing. Removing the financial incentive for brokers and advisors to actively churn client accounts is a tremendous step in the right direction. However, it hasn’t solved the problem entirely.  Two challenges still remain.

The problems still inherent in the industry:
The shift mentioned above still causes two problems:

  1. It creates an assumption that all commissionable products are not appropriate for clients. (At Revisionist Wealth we don’t believe that this is true, especially with our expertise in how various accounts play various roles – specifically in retirement, and how proper recommendations can create individualized solutions.)
  2. It creates a falsehood that the fees and charges an investor pays for financial advice should be based on the size or dollar value of their portfolio.

Let me pull back the curtain for you.

I know from experience that it does not cost an advisor or a firm more to manage a portfolio of $2,000,000 than it does to manage a portfolio of $500,000.  Similarly, it does not cost more to manage $5,000,000 than $1,000,000.

So why should clients with larger balances pay more to receive the same services as clients with not as large balances?

Personally, I don’t think they should.

And no answer to the question of paying larger fees based simply because of larger account balances ever felt right to me.  So, I created a model that changes the playing field, at least for our clients.

A Unique, Flat Fee Model that address this problem.

Rather than calculating our compensation from the value of your portfolio, we have built a retainer fee structure around the services that we provide.

Revisionist Wealth firmly believes that a flat annual retainer fee is a more appropriate compensation method for a Registered Investment Advisor than the typical percentage of assets under management. Our services do not vary appreciably between clients with larger or smaller portfolios, so we built our fee structure to reflect this. This fee ($4,800 per year) is based on our costs and reasonable compensation for a professional service provider to provide excellent advice.

As you are reading this, I would encourage you to ask yourself if you know what you are currently paying for the financial advice you receive (and how that amount is derived). You may be able to quote a percentage.  Maybe it is 1%.  Maybe it is 1.5%.  But you also may not know.  And even if you quote a percentage, I would encourage you to convert that percentage into a dollar amount for yourself.  An actual dollar amount.  The actual dollars per year it is costing you for the advice you receive.  Personally, I believe this is the only way you can determine for yourself if are getting what you pay for.  Ponder if you are getting value for that amount.  Ponder if you are getting value that exceeds that amount.The financial services industry has taught us to avoid doing this math.  I, on the other hand, encourage you take the time.

Our Flat Fee Model represents significant savings to those with portfolios over $500,000, compared to the traditional 1% fee approach.

I’ve chosen this model because our clients, as described above, are the lifeblood of our business.  I have positioned our expertise to guide and serve them, and to do so at a sensible price.  A price which positions them to do better, when they do better.  A price which positions them to succeed and to keep more of the market’s return when the market gives it to them.  And I’ve chosen to do this because it just feels right.

Who We Serve Best

We specialize in working with folks who are RETIRED or CLOSE TO IT (typically 50+). This has allowed us to custom fit our service and expertise to the unique needs of retirees and those fast-approaching the transition period into retirement.

We enjoy working with GREAT PEOPLE who appreciate the true value of our services, and appreciate that we deliver them in a fair manner.  We believe everyone should have the opportunity to live a great life. We are committed to living our lives from a place of joy and kindness, and we hope to have long-lasting, healthy relationships with each of our clients.

Our clients are “SAVERS”, and we respect that.  While our clients would hardly consider themselves to be “rich”, thanks to a lifetime of hard work, disciplined saving, and humble living, they have often accumulated sizeable wealth, often near or over a Million dollars.

Our clients have begun to realize that retirement has a LOT of moving pieces.  Living off their savings is not the same as saving into their savings.  They realize that the success of their retirement is MUCH TOO IMPORTANT to be going it alone, and they understand the VALUE OF HAVING EXPERT GUIDANCE, guidance that offers detailed, actionable, and impactful advice (delivered at a price that makes sense).

If the description of Who We Serve sounds like you, and the description of our Business Model resonates with you, you should explore further. 

We would love to speak with you. Let’s get in touch.

Also note: While we would love to help everyone, our services are individualized and specific to retirees.  We also intend to keep our practice boutique, specialized, and focused on a limited number of local families that we can offer excellent service to.  If you feel you are not a fit for the criteria above, we suggest that you Google search for another planner that fits your goals and stage of life.  (and if we have a chance to talk, we can recommend another advisory firm for you that would be better suited for you)