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We provide tax-efficient retirement planning and investment management for a FLAT FEE!

Serving local families and clients across the country so they can:

Reduce Taxes, Invest Fearlessly, and Retire Well.

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What makes us (Revisionist Wealth) different?

We are a Flat-Fee Financial Advisor.

By itself, that makes us different from the majority of advisors who charge clients based on the size of their accounts, or by commissions only.

You can click on our “Flat-Fee Pricing Model” tab to learn more.

We do the work to serve local families in Downingtown, PA, as well as clients across the country, so that they can Reduce Taxes, Invest Fearlessly, and Retire Well.

We specialize in retirement planning so that, when our clients retire, and they fill their schedules with the things they want to do and love to do, they are confident they aren’t missing anything and that have all their bases covered. They are confident they aren’t leaving any money on the table. Confident in the plan they have in place. Confident in the transition into this destination called retirement that they’ve worked years and years to get to.

With a focus on tax strategy and the dependable monthly income aspects of retirement, and a respect for education and knowledge (rather than hype, sales, or pressure), we guide our clients make excellent decisions with a unique process that positions them to make excellent decisions.

What is this Discovery Process?

We Believe…

We believe that when you are in the know, and you are guided to identify missing facts and clear up misconceptions, you can make the choices that make an impact in your life. Choices that make an impact for your family. Choices that make an impact for the things you care about.

We believe that with our expertise, and the responsibility that comes with the vital role we play, it is our job is to give you answers to your financial questions, in plain English, so that you can make educated and informed decisions about your retirement.

We also believe in a flat, transparent fee structure. This is not common in the industry. Quite frankly, the only other systems in America that are similar to typical asset management fees (where service costs you more just because your accounts are bigger) are alimony, child support, real estate sale fees, and the IRS.  That’s not a favorable comparison.  It doesn’t take more work to guide a client with $2,000,000 than it does to guide a client with $500,000. Both worked their tails off to save for their family. And the work we do to guide them to make excellent decisions is the same. So, despite what other advisors do, WE DON’T believe the client with a higher account balance should have to pay more for excellent guidance and excellent service. That’s why we designed a flat-fee model that aligns with our client’s goals, and our own own personal values.

If actually retiring was as easy as saving for retirement, we wouldn’t see people losing money to unnecessary taxes and fees all the time, putting their money at more risk than they are comfortable doing, or missing out on opportunities to keep more of their hard earned money for themselves and their family.

This website will walk you through our no-cost, no obligation discovery process for showing you exactly how our team can help make your retirement a success and why we will insist that, before you choose to become a client, we clearly identify how working with us will improve your life, and will help you keep more money in your own pocket.

Besides, even though we know we are not the right fit for everyone, engaging in our discovery process will also give you a framework by which to evaluate other firms you may be considering.

What is this Discovery Process?

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